Our Services

Websites & Native Applications Programming

We develop web systems, from personal, blogs, e-Commerce and Customer Relations Management Websites.

IMS Softwares Programming.

we program all kinds of software solutions to suite your business needs, ranging from Management to Information Systems

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (SEO)

We increase the day-to-day traffic flow in your website, reaching a big audience for your products and services.

Digital & Social Media Marketing.

We create your brand awareness through different social media channels, google adwords, Video ads, email marketing

Completed Projects

Blue Springs Hotel - Thika Road
Delivered On 30 September 2019

We Constructed a website for The 3 star hotel and club in thika road, that provided their potential clients with the relevent information they needed. Where they could shop online for products and Book for services.

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Giglight Company Ltd
Delivered On 30 October 2019

We Constructed a website for an Entertainment company, Giglight Company Ltd that managed Events, Clients, and as acted the company's Portfolio and used to publish the events history and calendars and any other relevant information.

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VexiVillas Properties Ltd
Delivered On 30 November 2019

We Constructed a website for a property management and sales company where they could advertise their properties, receive mails and facilitate communication with their clients and many more.

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Home Aide Training Center (USA)
Delivered On 4 April 2020

We Constructed an e-Learning web system for an educational institution in USA. The Web System is used to teach students online through The ZOOM API integration that enables fast video streaming among members. The System has the capability to store and process enterprise data as well as collecting and processing of international online payments.

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Liztech Merchandise Ltd
Delivered On 7 May 2020

We Developed an e-Commerce (Online Shopping) system to be used by Liztech Merchandise (a wholasale business entity in Nairobi), Customers to access quality product information and make purchases. Customers are able to create personal accounts, make orders online and the system processes them to be delivered to the client's doorstep

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Integrity Bible College (USA)
Still On Development Phase

Ongoing with the development of an e-Learning System To be used by Integrity Bible College Students while studying. The system will be enable Fast and Relibale Video Conferencing Services, Store and process organizational data, Processing of online payments among many other more functionalities.

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Birento Properties Ltd
Still On Development Phase

Developing a Web System that will be used to link up tenants and landlords , property buyers and sellers, Lands Buyers and Sellers and enhance Online Consultancy to clients. The System will be using google maps and coordinates to locate and give directions. It will also include a management system that will help agents manage their tenants data, securely store documents, and as well tenants can also pay rent and bills using our fully automated payment services.

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Successfully constructed an information management system for a local Business Firm , that has the capability to manage sales, purchases, suppliers, inventory, orders, payroll data and consists of a secure fully automated website payment services

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Our Pricing Table

Websites & Web-Systems Development

Product Price Period
Static Website From 500 USD 2 Weeks
Dynamic Website From 800 USD 3 Weeks
Web Systems From 1500 USD 1 Month

Native Applications
(Android, iOS & Windows Apps)

Product Price Period
Static Apps From 700 USD 2 Weeks
Dynamic Apps From 1000 USD 3 Weeks
Procedural Apps From 2000 USD 4 Month
This comes as a package that consists of Android, iPhone & Windows Apps

Desktop Standalone Software Systems

Product Price Period
Windows Executable Apps From 700 USD 3 Weeks
Linux CLI Applications From 900 USD 4 Weeks
Distributed Hybrid Systems From 2500 USD 6 Weeks

Our Products

Information Management Systems

we create systems that stores , process, or distribute any relevant information about your organisation's operations. The Systems range from employee management systems, Sales and Purchases Management Systems, Payroll Systems, Inventory Management Systems and more.

Biometric Systems

Our Biometric Systems are full functional and very secure , suitable to Monitor Attendance, and Access Control.

Security Systems

Our Security Systems are 99.99% efficient , reliable with a local and cloud backup of essential data. This comprises of Biometric Security Systems, CCTV systems, Car Tracking Systems and more.

Networking Services

At a Proffessional Level, we Install Network services ranging from Home network to Organizational Networks, with a 99.99% efficiency.

Point Of Sale Systems

Get a Fully Customized Point of Sale Systems to keep track of your daily, montly, yearly sales records, profit and loss records, Stock Records and to help you with strategic planning of your business for Soft running and fast growth.

Financial Management Systems (For Credit Saccos)

We have Provided Financial Systems to various companies around kenya , that keeps track of loans lending and repayment statistics, Notifying users of their current loans statuses, Savings Records and is able to Forecast the Future of the business.

Our Blog

Best Technologies To Boost Business Growth.

  • Information Websites: Let your customers get to know what's new in your line of production, Upcoming Events and Available offers

  • Online Marketing: You are able to reach a big audience with low costs related to Door-to-Door Adverts

  • Customer Relations Management Systems: Get to know what are the drawbacks of your Products/Services by having a customer experience and feedback systems in which it will be easy to attract new clients and avoid loosing your current customers .

A quote from wallstreet Journal warned entreprenuers to Always Remember That Your Customer Is Your Boss. You Relate Well with your Customers, You Increase your Profit Margin.

On Partnering With Gias Technologies, You have chosen a maximum productivity in your business

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